Most Shinning Scholars of Gexton


Mohammad Akif

Web Developer

Here in Gexton, I became able to develop Websites which made my BRAND dominant among the famous Web development Companies in open market! Today, I am a Co-founder of "NxGC".



Web Designer

Designing logos and graphics has become enthusiasm for me! GEXTON scholarship program was the luckiest opportunity where I groomed my skills with perfect attention of trainers.


Muhammad Atif Khan

Graphics Designer

It was dreamy to identify the designer I had inside me. GEXTON education Scholarship opportunity chromed out the designer hidden in me. No doubt, I call myself a Professional Graphics Designer Now.


Ahad Soomro

English Speaker

This opportunity of Scholarship not only made me meet professionals but I met the real face of “English” in GEXTON as now I started thinking in different way. I not only boost my confidence but it made me earn today too!


Muhammad Shahrukh

Graphics Designer

The art of Designing is in the minds of People, Dig it and Pick it. I found it fantastic at GEXTON scholarship program, where the experts treated me perfectly. Finally I made my first professional graphics.


Iqra Khan

Web Developer

The devotion and excitement of development was fully brimmed & my aim was polished to the peak under the supervision of trainers who taught me in the scholarship program.


Haris Arain

SEO Professional

As I got this opportunity of scholarship I realized the value of education in today’s world. SEO is something worth lasting. Thanks to GEXTON education for giving me this platform where I started earning with zero.


Mohammad Shahzaib

SEO Professional

I, being an evidence at the first step to Gexton was impeccable & later became true to my Dreams after the completion! Today I am running my own SEO Company "Gold service".


Asma Kalim

Website Designer

Getting start from this course was quite difficult for me, but now, I would definitely pay thanks to the trainers! Who made me earn today!


Shariq Khan

Android Developer

It was something like wao! I gave my best in this course and today I am working as a Professional developer & Trainer!


Faizan Silat

Website Designer

After having such an extravagant training in Gexton Education, I discovered myself as a leader in same profession! Today I am known as CEO of "Silatsoft".


Yumna Zia

Web Developer

I never feel hesitate to speak my experience in gexton. No doubt, it's a place which encouraged me today in the world of Web Development!


Ahsan Abro

Website Designer

Let me introduce myself as a web designer & CEO of a company "SCEAFT". This course helped me a lot in my business growth.


Mir Hazar Khan

Web Developer

I am a passionate Web developer, having a flavor of photography . I also achieved great freelancing success in this course.